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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tough Love

I shared a quiet moment with Lily.  I held her in my arms as we got ready to read her bedtime story.  Her face was very close to mine and she smiled shyly up at me.  I bent my head forward and gently bumped my head against hers and said, "I love you, Lily."

She giggled at this.  She likes when i conk her head.  Then she looked up into my eyes, reared back and head butted me in the bridge of the nose.  Stars exploded across my vision, and she said, "I wub you too daddy."

A couple days later i was rubbing the bridge of my nose weerily and it felt sore, like I'd bruised it, but I couldn't remember why that might have been.  I thought about it a bit and smiled, remembering.  That was a good night.

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