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Friday, January 21, 2011


I finished my short story. . . I don't think i have the last two or three parts posted on here.  At this point I'm "editing".  That means, in my world, "ignoring it".  Because i haven't touched the edits for a couple months even though i bled all over the first three parts and changes a lot.  It's sort of mentally exhausting, and is, perhaps one of the many reasons I'm not a novelist.  Once the story is written. . . it's just exhausting going back over it.

I have an unfinished essay about Leslie's chemo/cancer, and unedited short story for kicks, and 1/4-written novel for Emma.  I feel REALLY guilty about the Emma thing.  Considering I told her I'd write it before she started second grade and she's midway through third.

To be fair to me, i was just going to write her a short story and then fell "in love" with the idea of writing a full length novel.

"But love grows old,
and waxes cold,
and fades away,
like morning dew."

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